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I like the way he's calmly sticking up A cut in his arm in the first panel!
If you unexpectedly won a $10,000, how would you spend it?

Bills ----------------- ;)   :)   {*v*}   :P   :D

Gas drinking boy ?

Please tell me this is not A new fad!!!!! Check out this story about A boy who drinks gasoline, where were his folks while he was doing this . See this story hear==  http://gizmodo.com/5319319/14+yo-boy-drinks-gasoline-to-be-like-optimus-prime

Writer's Block: Teen Time Machine

If you could be a teenager living in any decade, which one would you choose?
Oh its got to be the late 60s early 70s.  whooo  what  A happening time! 

;)  :)  {*v*}  :P  :D  Amber

St. Patrick's Day

Faith and A great good happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you dear friends.

Shure and every body's Irish on St. Patty's Day, Have A good tall jar and think of me I know I will think of you all,,,,, Saaaaalute!!!!!

;)   :)   {*v*}   :P   :D   Amber   

Writer's Block: Animal Instinct

What creature would you choose as your spirit animal?
A sable Ferret !!!!!
;)   :)   {*v*}   :P   :D   Amber  

The Low King And The Faerie Dog

Hay frends     I be thinking you will enjoy this story, "The Low King And The Faerie Dog" by Michael Bergey        shurein it fair to put me in mind of Ladyfox it did. 
Check it out on Anthro,     http://anthrozine.com/?pw-a=4984&pw-ab=2477&pw-b=15998394    

Enjoy it all ye true belevers !!!!!! 

;)   :)   {*v*}   :P   :D   Amber 

Happy New Year

A very  Happy New Year  every body  may it bring peace, love, good health, and joy to ever one!!!!!

 ;)   :)   {*v*}   :P   :D   Amber


Have A wonderful time enjoy the holidays. Be well, be safe, and blessed be!!!!!


Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear  Roy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

May the best be yours!!!!!

;)   :)   {*v*}   :P   :D   Amber